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Annamaya A. Melbourne Australia

"The day I signed up and paid, I got an unexpected tax return of $8k and old commissions of $490 that I didn't know were owing and an unexpected $1k in my network marketing biz. Very pleased to say the least!"

Chantal G. - Gold Coast Australia

"I had many wins, but the biggest is going from $1k-$4k weeks to $8k-$16k weeks. I raised $70,000 and have just put a contract down on our first home on a lake. Immense gratitude. Thank you"

Corine Graham - France

"I had a $9000 debt released, out of the blue they just cancelled the contract"

Sandy Banfield - NSW Australia

"I made the decision to do a $3400 course and the next day I received the exact amount needed to pay for it in full"

Susan O. - New York

"I was owed $300 and never thought I'd get it, but It showed up this week in crisp new bills and with a smile. This was special!"

Sarah Prout - Nevada, US

"I wouldn't be where I am without you. You were one of those Karmic crossroads that changed the course of everything. Sandy, you have some serious superpowers in the Law of Attraction department"

Karen Knowler - UK

"Since starting Millionaire Mindset I have manifested 58 clients into my coaching program making me approx $90k - within the first eight and a half days of announcing it."

Deb Gaehl - Vic Australia

"As of this week I no longer have any credit card debt. The owing balances all show NIL. $0.00. How fantastic is that! Such freedom... AND I received the biggest tax refund that I have ever received, nearly $3,500!! WOW!! Many blessings Sandy for the opportunity to access all this brilliant manifesting."

Paula Cummings - Western Australia

"In just two months since joining this amazing program my partner and I have both had pay rises and my side business has gone from no sales to 8 sales in two weeks. It's very exciting! Thank you Sandy and thank you Universe!"

Sue Smithers - Australia

"Monday I said to the universe "I desire a much better higher paying job with better hours NOW." Wednesday I get a call out of the blue from someone who offered me a job with double the money half the hours AND he said "You can probably work from home - it's up to you." Thank you, Universe! Wow! That was fast! And thank you Sandy for being such a wonderful, inspiring teacher. It works!!!"

Melissa Groom, NSW, Australia

"I just wanted to let you know I have an interview tomorrow with the founder of a Womens tv network on Amazon Prime and Apple TV to have a weekly show streamed out to millions worldwide."

Renee Vano - Auckland

I  applied for a $3,500 business grant that I was unsure I was entitled to. Not only was it approved, when the money went into my account it was actually $7,500 - more than double!!! Thank you Sandy.. So far this is going great :) 

I went from welfare to millionaire
and love inspiring and empowering
women around the world to manifest
more money in their life!

Here's What You'll Get:

  • Entire Millionaire Mindset Experience 8 week step by step guided online course to break through your money blocks, re-wire your mind for prosperity and attract more abundance than ever before.  Life-time access (includes *NEWEST* upgraded program coming in September 2022), NO ongoing fees
  • LIVE Monthly Money Manifesting Calls til the end of 2023.  Join Sandy every month for over a year as she dives into additional topics and expands on specific money and manifesting blocks, allowing you to ask questions and integrate the wisdom and insights inside MME and take a quantum leap in your manifesting.  Also recorded for your convenience. ($1200 value)
  • Private Membership area where you'll discover everything you need to transform your financial destiny forever.  You'll find 8 Modules, videos, worksheets, audios, meditations, guided visualizations, powerful processes and everything you need to transform your money mindset and release the blocks that have been holding you apart from the abundance you desire and discover how to re-wire your mind for success! (Priceless)
  • NEW Private Facebook Group where you can instantly connect, while being supported, inspired and encouraged by a like-minded, law of attraction loving community from around the world - launching September 2022
    *Payment plan - Modules released each week over 8 weeks
Join Now and get
over $3500 of BONUSES
  • BONUS # 1
    Money Mentoring Program - Instant Access to start creating prosperity immediately!  Get my complete abundance attracting course on how to become the most amazing money manifestor - includes Audio book, Companion Workbook and 12 powerful Q&A sessions where I answer ALL your questions about manifesting and give you all my tips and secrets to turn you into a money magnet! ($497 value)
  • BONUS #2
    Subliminal Prosperity technology -
    we developed powerful brain entrainment sounds, vibrationally channeled music with subliminal prosperity affirmations and specific frequencies to effortlessly re-wire your mind so you naturally break through your blocks and attract more abundance - by doing nothing more than listening to these powerful audios.  These breakthrough sessions have been created using the latest information in neuro-science to create long-term change in the brain so manifestation becomes effortless ($297 value)
  • BONUS #3
    Double Your Income in 6 months
    - watch your income increase  as I support you through this powerful process to make (at least) twice as much money as you do now in the next 6 months or less! ($220 value)
  • BONUS #4
    Over 22 Guided Visualizations
    to help you release any limiting belief or self-sabotage and become magnetic to your desires - including Awaken Your Prosperity Self, Affirmations for Your Abundance, Manifest your Million Dollar Idea, Prosperity Desires of the Heart, Create Your Ideal Day, Million Dollar Affirmations,  $100,000 Abundance Activation, Become a Millionaire in 3 Years, Manifest $5,000 Fast, and NEW visualizations added regularly to help you become the best YOU possible! ($995 value)
  • BONUS #5
    Business Bliss - thinking about starting or growing a new income stream or business? If yes, this is ideal for you... See Your Business Success, Manifesting Your Ideal Business, Attracting Ideal Clients, Creating Your Money Flows, Amazing Business Success, Create Your Million Dollar Idea and a  Special Masterclass for the career women:  "Land Your Dream Job, Double Your Salary, Get Promoted and Negotiate a Raise" and more! ($497 value)
  • BONUS #6
    Millionaire Success Library -  Sandy's personal success library to keep you inspired and vibrationally aligned with abundance. Includes inspiring millionaire masterclasses such as The Magic of Mastering Your Money, The Debt-Free Formula , The Secret to the Law of Attraction and Prosperity, plus more! ($497 value)
  • BONUS #7
    Personal Manifesting Session
    to help you clarify and manifest your goals with one of my Internationally Certified Law of Attraction Coaches.  This one-on-one session will help you get crystal clear on what it is you desire and allow you to start aligning with your desire immediately ($395 value)

  • Each year we give away over $10,000 of prizes.  Simply go through  Millionaire Mindset and you can be in the running to win.  Prizes have included 3 Day Business Bliss Retreat on the beautiful Sunshine Coast, a one-on-one  Mentoring session with Sandy, partial scholarship to our International Law of Attraction Coach Training and Certification program, personalized guided visualization, Human Design Reading and much more!
    **50% Qoin or 100% Bitcoin digital currency accepted
    email for details
Life-time Access to Millionaire Mindset Experience Total Value over USD$4695
Get started TODAY from as low as USD$333

Denise Duffield-Thomas - Australia

“Sandy’s books and programs have completely changed my life. I won six month all expenses paid world travel using some of Sandy’s techniques. My first month as a coach [through Sandy's coach certification program] I made $225, and now I have a multiple six figure business [now 7-figure].  I re-do when ever I want to take my income to the next level"

Melissa Groom, NSW, Australia

"I've only watched 1 video and have already made 3x the cost of the program in 24 hrs! Something has already shifted! I can't wait to see what happens moving forward."
3 Month Update:
" I was offered a 6 figure job and can work from home and still have my part -time business.  Plus I also earned over $100k in one month in my digital currency!

Carly Evans - Australia (from UK)

“Since learning from Sandy I have been on a manifesting mission! I've moved from rainy London to beautiful sunny Perth Australia, gone from a horrific relationship to one with the love of my life, manifested an awesome job, $10,000 lottery win, a new car/house/motorbike/boat…. Wow, the list is endless and just keeps happening! Thanks Sandy for everything you do to inspire others xxx”

Caroline - Mooloolaba, Australia

"I’m a stay at home mum. My dream was to have multiple streams of income so I could work from home and continue to travel the world. In just 12 months I’ve bought property, started 2 online businesses and have just manifested an opportunity to move back to the US"

Stella Seaspirit - South Africa

“I stumbled across you when I had very little. I dived into your Millionaire Mindset program and within 2 weeks I received over $3300. Since I’ve met you my income has tripled and tremendous possibilities are opening up like magic. Thank you for creating this one of a kind course.”

Karla Westphal - North Carolina

"Success... I did one of your processes to manifest $10,000. I found out that this Friday I will be getting a check for $10,000 for an unexpected distribution payment at work"

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